Project Organizer for Software Developers, Programmers and Web Developers

Free project organizer software for Windows 7 and 10 to organize your software projects, get things done and stay on top of your programming and project tasks. Are you looking for an easy way to organize your software development projects and┬ákeep track of notes, events, and tasks? Check out the software I developed for independent…

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SQL Server Stored Procedure Optimize Linked Server Query

When calling to a database on a linked server, create a temporary table variable to store results from the remote table(s), then join the temporary table to your local database table(s). This is much more efficient than joining tables between databases. To use the stored procedure in .NET dataset table adapter, you must use table…

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SQL Server – Saving Changes Is Not Permitted

When installing a new instance of SQL Server, there is a setting that needs to be updated in order to freely make changes to tables and save those changes. Until making this setting change, you are limited to what database schema changes you can make. Here is the error you will receive if you try…

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