Project Organizer for Software Developers, Programmers and Web Developers

Free project organizer software for Windows 7 and 10 to organize your software projects, get things done and stay on top of your programming and project tasks.

Are you looking for an easy way to organize your software development projects and keep track of notes, events, and tasks? Check out the software I developed for independent software developers like myself.

The Story Behind the Software

Post It Notes

Get organized, Software developers!

As a software developer, I create and modify software applications, elicit software requirements, host and manage CMS systems with a multitude of plug-ins and configurations, and play around with new technology using virtual machines and a variety of software installations. One day, while reviewing the test environment of a Joomla website, I came across a Joomla extension I didn’t recognize. I couldn’t figure out my purpose for the installation and after further investigation, I safely removed it. It concerned me that I had no recollection of the installation, and I was finding this more and more, as I maintained more systems while simultaneously exploring new technologies. It was not uncommon for me to forget the purpose of an entire virtual machine, using only clues (installations, files) to piece it back together.

Tasks, Project Organizer

Tracking Tasks for a Software Project

I decided I needed a better way to track my “stuff”. Not just my installations and virtual machines, but what I was working on in each of my projects, where I had left off on a particular project or virtual machine, and what I had installed – from where and why. I needed a way track everything I’d done on a project or system – that was of significance (an event log of sorts). I needed a place to go to refresh my memory on what tasks I was “waiting” on or if there were any lingering issues or questions I had on a particular task or project. I needed ONE place. Not Word documents on the server and/or local drive. Not email, not a help desk system shared by the department and not those virtual sticky notes that are cute and seem like a good idea at first, but are not.

What I didn’t need was a ticketing system for teams. I didn’t need time tracking. I didn’t need calendaring or reminders. I didn’t need to be mobile (although that could change in the near future). I didn’t need to replace Microsoft Word for documentation that works best in Microsoft Word (user documentation, high level summary information for stakeholders). I didn’t need over-complicated. I needed simple and flexible.

Queue for Project Organizer

Queue of Tasks – Easy Way to Plan Your Day or Week

But that wasn’t all I needed. I needed a place to document my tasks with details and a place to enter program notes. More importantly, I needed a queue to hold a subset of tasks that I could setup at the beginning of the week, or beginning of each day. (I did not want to look at “all the things” I had to do, all at once). I wanted a manageable list of tasks, culled from multiple projects and I wanted to be able to move them around and re-order them based on new priorities, changing priorities, or just general boredom of the task at hand. I wanted to plan my day with a task queue that I could then work from, in order, without the distraction of other tasks. I wanted to be able to quickly add a new task and put it to the top of the queue, or quickly add it as my “next” thing to do after I’m done with my current task. I wanted something that was distraction free and would quickly focus me on what I need to be doing right now.

And so, I built such a program – a project organizer for software developers, starting first with a prototype. And then I used it. I continuously tweaked it until it fit my needs. Once I was convinced I would use it and refer to it and rely on it, I built the real thing using WPF technology. (Windows Presentation Foundation, A technology I abandoned several years ago, but found a renewed interest in recently). I built the bare-bones version of my “Project Organizer” software needed to track my daily tasks and manage my projects and software notes.

Ta da. Program for All the Things.

Project Organizer User Interface

In the coming weeks I will use the WPF program to once again, track my daily project tasks, my installations, and random shenanigans. During this time, you are invited to download and test the software along with me and provide me with any feedback you have (feedback not required, but would be nice). I will do continual alpha releases, as I test and receive feedback. This will be a free .msi download to anyone who is interested in trying it out and using it for their personal or work project, notes, and task management. It runs on Windows 7 and Windows 10 with .NET 4.6.1.

Download the  Alpha version Here – please consider this test software.

The WPF version of this program will remain free. Depending on my usage (and yours), I may or may not continue to upgrade and expand the functionality. If this is a product that others find useful, I am considering creating a web version in the future.

(And a big shout out to MahApps, a UI toolkit for WPF, for providing great UI tools for WPF development)

Here’s to your successful projects, your awesome note-taking, and your tireless efforts of getting and staying organized in software development!

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