Download Free Project Organizer for Software Developers and Programmers

Get organized, programmers!

Download the Alpha version of the Project Organizer. Read more about the software in my blog.

Download and run the .msi file. The program can be found at Start > Project Organizer (For Windows 10: Start > All Apps > Project Organizer)

Runs on Windows 7 - Windows 10.

Free Project Organizer Download

Software Vendor: Computer Shoppe

Author: Robin Luther

EULA Agreement for Project Organizer

Privacy Policy for Project Organizer - No personal data is collected or used

Project Organizer

Feature List for Project Organizer

  • Manage multiple projects
  • Quickly view how many active tasks a project has
  • Add notes on where you last left off on a project so you can get back to work quickly
  • Document, add notes for projects. Note taking is flexible, and allows for details.
  • Arrange documentation in your own way by adding custom headings
  • Keep track of tasks - priority and detailed notes
  • Keep an event log of important project events ("what happened, when")
  • Auto-add a completed task to the event log
  • Keep track of software installations or "products"
  • Task queue for working through task for the next day or week
  • Easily manage queue - add, remove, re-prioritize tasks
  • Complete a task and the next task in the queue is moved to the top
  • Keep track of tasks in "waiting" status for easy follow up